In ancient China the women needed to look a certain way. The women who didn't look like they expected covered there face with white make-updown to there necks. Then put bright red lipstick on the center of there lips. They would be required to shave there eyebrows off and redraw them on there upper forheads. Painting there teeth black to match there hair. The men believed it was more attractive then the yellow teeth. they also had to dress a certain way. Whey would ware kimonos, different colors and styles depending on there they went. There was the Juni-Hito , Yukata, Furisode, and Uchikake.

The women In Japan today are different then there ancestors where, but not by much. They get a little more respect and are allot to talk to there husband out side of the house, they can also walk next to them as apposed to how it used to be. When a woman would go in public they would carry all belongings from both of then, walk behind the man and not be able to talk to anybody. The average woman would where a kimono and have there whole body covered. Today they will ware a suit or jean shorts (or pants) and high boots. One of the things that are the same are the women are used to make as many children as the man wants. I feel this is very unfair for them.

Kimono- the average outfit the women would ware. a long dress you tied.
Juni-Hito- The juni-hito, literally meaning "twelve layer" clothing, originated in the Heian period, from 792 to 1192 A.D.
Yukata- The word "yukata" originates from two words: "yu" and "katabira", meaning "bath" and "under clothes.
Furisode- The furisode is the most widely recognized of all kimono types. The long, flowing-sleeves and bright, beautiful designs are usually what most people picture when they think of kimono.
Uchikake- An uchikake is wedding ceremony clothing.