In the Heian Period of Japan, beauty, elegance, and fashion were prized. Good taste was valued, and recognizing beauty was important. To be beautiful women had to have long hair, a pouty mouth, narrow eyes, a thin nose, and round apple cheeks. Women used a heavy rice powder to paint their faces and necks white. The women also drew red rose-bud lips on their lips on their natural lip lines. They shaved their eyebrows to draw them on themselves. Women painted their teeth black because it was more attractive than having yellow teeth. For men to look good they had long pointed beards. They also valued smells, so they wore perfume. People had their own secret perfume recipes. For a women to look beautiful, she had to wear twelve layers of silk robes.

Beauty and fashion was very important to the Heian society. Their need of beauty became part of their culture, and beauty made them, in their time, a "good" person. They created their own form of beauty to give Japan independence from China's fashion, short hair and pigtails. Japan started creating its own view of beauty, very long hair, white skin, red lips, and black teeth.

Heian Period - The last part of classical japanese history that took place between the late 8th century and the late

12th century. It was known for its art in poetry and literature, and was the peak of the japanese imperial court.

Elegance - dignified grace in appearance, movement, or behavior, or good taste in design, style, etc.

Perfume - A scent extracted from synthetic oils that smells good.

Silk - A soft, shiny fiber that can be made into thread or cloth. It is taken from the cocoon of the silkworm.

Independence - Freedom from control, support, help, or anything like that from others.


Citations : By Kathy and Kellie