The Han Dynasty was an age of economic prosperity and saw a signifacant growth of the money economy, the money economy was first established during the Zhou Dynasty. they pay for its military camaighns and the settlement of the newly conqured frontier territories . the Han Dynasty is important because , they invented chinese history , additionally the predominate ethnie group in china is called Han. they were named after the dynasty , because it was invented by the Qin Shihuandi , but it was perfected by the Han Dynasty . the succsesful Dynasty would copy, lock, stock, and barrel.

But how did the Han Dynasty come to an end ? The military that were fighting one another cause they needed to unite to defeat the yellow turbnans. china never returned and thats how the Han Dynasty ended. But the military would have never needed to fight one another if there would have never been a new emporer. when the emporer Ming Ti died Chang Ti became the emporer , he favored an isolationist policy so that much of what was gained in Turkestan was now lost.

isolationist - is a foreign policy adopted by a nation in which the country refuses to enter into any alliances, foreign trade or economic commitments, or international agreements in hopes of focusing all of its resources into advancement within its own borders while remaining at peace with foreign countries by avoiding all entanglements of foreign agreements.

Dynasty- A dynasty is a sequence of rulers considered members of the same family

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