Kanji is the Japanese word for a hun character used in the Japanese language. constitute a part of the wrting system used to represent the Japanese language in written, printed and displayed from the term is also used for the collection of all kanji letters.

Before the introduction of Chinese characters, no Japanese written system existed. when adopting the characters the Japanese did not only introduce the characters original Chinese pronouncreations, but also associated them with the corresponding.

There are many important facts about Kanji. First of all, there are no verb conjugations in Kanji and there is no gender of nouns. There are no articles on the Kanji characters (a, the). Kanji is easy for the Japanese because they have only 48 sounds consisting of 5 vowels and 11 consonants. Kanji doesn't have rhyming poetry.

It takes about twice as long to say something as compared to English. English song lyrics have to be cut in half when translated into japanese in order to keep the same rhythm. Most words have 2 roots of pronunciation; Chinese root and a Japanese root. They are totally different sounds. so learning Japanese is almost like learning the vocabulary of two languages at once.

Character- a symbol as used in a writing system, as a letter of the alphabet.

Conjugation- joining together a pair of verb.

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