The Polos traveled on until they reached Badakhshan in Afghanistan, where they remained for approximately a year, enjoying the pleasant climate. Polos remained in his employ for approximately 17 years. It is during that period that Marco Polo engaged in his travels through China. This was accomplished, in part, by the relationship he formed with Kublai Khan, who trusted the young man so much that he sent him out on many expeditions, including trips to Yunnan and Burma. Polo was an accomplished linguist who spoke several dialects, including Turkish and Mongol, further impressing the khan and his fellow courtiers.The Polos then set off for Europe but were robbed of their possessions in Trebizond.When they finally arrived in Venice in 1295, their family was in for a tremendous shock. Because the Polos had been gone for so long with no word, the family had given up hope that they were alive. Their reunion, therefore, was acclaimed throughout Venice.After his return to Venice, Marco Polo took part in a sea battle for his city against the Genoese and was captured as a prisoner of war. While in prison, he shared a cell with a romance writer named Rusticiano.