Military technology

The Chinese people were the first people to invent the first rocket. they thought of the invention my putting gunpowder inside of tubes and lighting the end on fire and make stuff come out of the top of the tube. so they invented a rocket that would hold arrows in it and they put some gun powder under the rockets and set it on fire so it would shoot at an enemy. The rockets were just made for military purposes or just as entertainment. The rockets were powdered by black powder which is similar to gun powder. The rockets were a use for far range shooting and it would shoot out arrows that were on fire. The rocket was so loud that it could be heard from 25 miles away. The first time that they used the rocket on a real person was in a battle in 1232 against the Mongol h´╗┐ordes.They were the first people to also use the cannon when they were in a battle with the mongols.

  • A rocket is a weapon that is carrying a warhead that is powerful and it shoots out rockets powered by black powder which works the same way as regular powder.
They use to be a part of war and entertainment by now they made them better and they are used for war, fireworks, distress signal, and line barriers.