Minamoto Yoritomo was the founder and first shogun of the Kamakura shogunate. Lived to be fifty two years old, and died in 1199 because he was suffering from a serious illness. His wife's name was Hojo Masako. His parents names were Minamoto Yoshitomo and Fuijiwara Suenori. The Minamoto family began to take over Japan after they defeated the Taira clan in the Gempei war. His father was killed when he was sent into exile in Inzu Province.

Yoritomo's oldest son named Yori'ie became the second Kamakura shogun. After his assassination Yoritomo's sencond son Sanetomo took over and became the third Kamakura shogun. Sanetomo was assassinated by Yori'ie's son because he thought his uncle Sanetomo had something to do with his fathers death. After Yori'ie assassinated his uncle he was found and executed. That is how Yoritomo's direct lineage was ended.

Kamakura shogunate: Was a military dictatorship in Japan.

Sanetomo: Was the second son of Yoritomo and became the third Kamakura shogun.



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