What were the events that led to the decline of the samurai?

Do you see any samurai walking around Japan in the 21st century? No, because they don't exist nowadays. We are going to read about the decline of the samurai.

A samurai is the warrior class in Japan. The warrior class is the fighters. The decline of the samurai is a period of history when the samurai way had began to end. The biggest reason behind this event is the industrial revolution. This event modernized Japan, but made the samurai disappear. The industrial revolution made way for guns. Emperor Meiji got rid of the samurai for soldiers. This ended the samurai way. He got rid of it for a western style. He got rid of them so they didn't take back power. The law he made was they couldn't bear swords. They ended in 1876 AD.

The decline of the samurai is very important. If this event hadn't happened, the samurai would still be part of culture today. This historical event made way for modern stuff. The samurai way still has partially survived. Their ideas still live on in some people. The bushido code is still in effect for some Japanese.


industrial revolution-the economic time of power driven machines
modernize-to make something up to date

written by Daniel Darmody