What is the silk road?

One of the ways that the chinese used to trade was the "silk road". the "silk road" was one of the historians first trade routes that connected China with the Mediterranean region. The silk road was a 4,000 mile-network of routes that passes through the entire asian continent, up mountains and through deserts. The route begings in the Chinese capital of Changan, the split as it continued moving westto go around the Tamklimakan Desert in Central Asia, then came back together in the near east. the road ended in cities such as Antioch and Tyre on the Mediterranean Sea. Travel was difficult and dangerous. Travelers journeyed in caravans. Any side routes ran into the Indian subcontinent.

What did they trade?

´╗┐Merchants would trade all sorts of different items. They traded not only silk, but Chinese herbs, paper, spicies, tea, gold, silver, and jade carvings for jade. They also traded wool, glass, ivory, grapes, and bamboo. they also traded different exotic animals.

  • Caravans- a group of traders or pilgrims traveling through a desert in asia.

  • ´╗┐Merchants- a person involed in trade with different countries.

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